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House of Delegates

The House of Delegates, as the voice of members, governs the profession and develops policy on major professional issues; the Board of Directors governs the Academy; and Academy staff implement decisions.

The process by which the House of Delegates and the Academy are governed is known as Knowledge-Based Strategic Governance (KBSG).

The House consists of the following members: all Affiliates, all Dietetic Practice Groups and At-Large Delegates representing ACEND, CDR, NDEP, NDTRs, Students, members 30 years of age or less, Retired Members and the House of Delegates Leadership Team, for a total of 105 delegates. The delegates representing ACEND, CDR and Students are appointed. All other delegates are elected.

The House Leadership Team (HLT), made up of the Speaker, Past Speaker, Speaker-elect and 3 Directors, develop and implement program goals of the House based on the following HOD Core Functions:

  • Member Focus
  • Information Systems/Communications
  • Strategic Thinking/Visioning
  • New Products/Services Development
  • Governance
  • Professional Leadership
  • Setting Policy for the Profession
  • Financial

Delegates are key linkages to the Academy's constituency. The House of Delegates supports and encourages proactive communications, and continually seeks member input on issues affecting the profession.

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