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2017 Annual Meeting

Thanks everyone for making our 2017 Annual Meeting a huge success! Presenter slides and CPE webinars still to come!


"Reaching the Masses:  Innovative Approaches to Large Scale Programs"

  • Dayle Hayes, MS, RD -- Nutrition for the Future, Inc.
    • This speaker is sponsored by the American Dairy Association Northeast.
  • Captain Kimberly Elenberg, DNP -- Director of Operation Live Well
  • Session Description: Although military wellness and school lunch are not typically discussed in the same setting, they are historically intertwined. School lunch was initiated to address under nutrition as a measure of national security. Decades later, school lunch is still considered a matter of national security, but the primary focus today is addressing over nutrition. This panel will discuss innovative approaches to nutrition and wellness within diverse populations through large-scale programs like the School Breakfast Program, National School Lunch Program, and Operation Live Well.

“Foods of the Future”

  • Chris Vogliano, MS, RDN -- Arivale
    • This session is sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation through an educational grant from National Dairy Council.
  • Session description: With the growing world population, the focus of this presentation will include emerging trends in agriculture.  After a brief overview of the history of food production, examples will be shared regarding how foods might be produced in the future, like poultry in petri dishes! A discussion of the role of GMOs as well as the pros and cons of new technologies will be presented.  Attendees will leave this session with a new appreciation for how and why food is grown/raised, and will gain practical tips for evidence-based application of new information.  Participants of this session will be able to communicate sound information with credible resources to consumers.

DCMAND Town Hall

  • Past, Present, and Future DCMAND Presidents
  • Session description: For the past 100 years, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) has been dedicated to building up our profession. In October of this year, AND will be celebrating its centennial at FNCE in Chicago. Then, the second century begins. Where do you want it to take us? This Town Hall will offer attendees the opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussion with past, present, and future DCMAND leaders about the future direction of DCMAND.
  • Watch this session free now!

"Improv-ing the Profession"

  • Liz Sanders, MPH, RD -- Associate Director, Nutrition Communications, IFIC
  • Session Description: Registered Dietitians are a talented bunch…and not just in terms of their nutrition knowledge. Many in our profession are dedicated to developing extracurricular professional skills. Some may view these skills as merely hobbies, while others see the contributions that such talents can make toward improving our profession. Liz Sanders found that a little comedy seriously (get it?) upgraded her career skills. The same techniques that comedic improvisers use to create engaging scenes have several applications in the world of dietetics.Come prepared to be inspired. This session will explore how lessons learned from the world of improv comedy can boost confidence in communication skills. Attendees will leave the session with a toolbox of skills to implement in a variety of nutrition settings. You may even uncover creative ways to capitalize on your unique passions to sharpen your personal brand while improving our profession.

"Digesting Nutrition Science"

  • Megan Meyer, PhD -- Associate Director, Science Communications, IFIC
  • Helena Bottemiller Evich -- Senior Food and Agriculture Reporter, Politico
  • Session description: By its nature, scientific research moves slowly. The world around us, however, moves quickly. Modern technologies enable information sharing, and resulting conversations, to occur in real-time. This can require registered dietitians to stay current on the latest nutrition science and food trends, which may be difficult given other professional responsibilities and demands. This panel will discuss the public's growing fascination with food and nutrition, and showcase new tools designed to enhance critical thinking skills that are essential to advancing dietetics as an evidence-based profession in our next century.

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