DCMAND BOD Meeting Minutes January 2017


BOD Meeting Minutes

Date 1/29/2017 – 12:30PM
Voting Members President (Robyn Douglas)

Past President (Tricia Psota)

President-Elect (Hannah Martin)

Treasurer (Lindsay Palmer)

Treasurer-Elect (Courtney Paolecilli) 

Secretary (Kari N Harris)  


Nominating Committee Chair

Professional Development Committee Chair (Kris Sollid)   

Professional Development Committee Chair-Elect (Stephanie Johnson) 

Non-Voting Members Nominating Committee First Seat (Lindsay Moyer)    

Nominating Committee Second Seat  (Brittany)

Potomac Post Editor (Brittany Wood) 

Social Media Coordinator (Valerie Agyeman)    

Webmaster (Stephanie Johnson)    

Community Initiatives Chair (Sara Quinteros) 

Member Relations Chair (Veronica Chocron)    

Volunteer Coordinator (Emily Snyder)    

Fundraising Chair (Megan Smith)        

Public Policy Coordinator (Courtney)

Consumer Protection Coordinator

Second Century Liaison  

Strategic Communications Chair (Sydni Arnone)  

Executive Director 

Motion: Approval of slate of candidates for BOD Elections scheduled Feb 1-Feb 22 (Lindsay Moyer)

1st: Lindsay

2nd: Tricia

Vote Results: passed by unanimity

Motion: If members vote in affiliate election then the member can be entered to win free registration to annual meeting, thus the budget should be adjusted to reflect the cost of a $75 (equivalent to early bird registration).

1st: Robyn

2nd: Tricia

Vote Results: passed by unanimity

1.0 Call Meeting to Order/Role
2.0 Approval of Consent Agenda Motion: Robyn

1st: Robyn

2nd: Hannah

Vote Results: passed by unanimity

3.0 Approval of Meeting Minutes Motion: Robyn

1st: Robyn

2nd: Stephanie

Vote Results: unanimity

4.0 Past Business 4.1— (Sydni Arnone): Communications Request Forms (CRFs)

  1. Communications Chairs would like to increase the deadline for submitting the form from 5 days prior since Strategic Communications Chair is to delegate tasks accordingly.
    1. There was significant discussion surround the timing of some events that would preclude some information from being sent into form more than 5 days in advance, such as notifications from National Board and brainstorm for other potential solutions.
    2. Conclusion: Communication Request Form should be sent to Communication Chairs on the Saturday prior in order to be included for Thursday e-blast
    3. If urgent items are identified in a closer time frame, then indicate the urgency when emailing the CRF by including subject line: “RUSH” and also send a text message to Communications Chair.
  2. Time sensitive tweets protocol to be developed
    1. Courtney Pudik (Public Policy Chair) should have access to Tweeter account for time-sensitive tweets; which will likely increase during this administration
  3. Listserv areas of responsibility for publishing items
    1. Google group: Board members can send to the listserv themselves
    2. Add option on the Communication Request Form for the list-serv. This way the Board member can indicate that an email was already sent to listserv.
    3. New Member communications should be clear that members must opt-in to Google group for informal discussion and emails while the e-blast they will receive once affiliation with DCMAND is made in member profile.
  4. For individuals, Board members or note, who are not assigned DCMAND email accounts but want posts published and need to be emailed/contacted they should include the default DCMAND email info@dcright.org in the communication post.
    1. Including this email account will prevent the need to post personal emails accounts on social media or to the public at large.
    2. Then Carrie will forward certain requests to pertinent individual who requested communications
  5. Please remember to include relevant hashtags or handles in the Communication Request Form. Also, please include pictures when appropriate or can. Posts with images have higher rates of impression and engagements.
    1. Be conscious of copyright on pictures; if there is a need to purchase a copyright then you can request marketing budget but please be selective.
  6. Board Members are thankful for the form and pledge to be more timely with submitting the form to assist the Communications Chair.
    1. Lindsay Moyer will work with Robyn and Treasurer to ensure $40 of donations that were donated after deadline for Thanksgiving Happy Hour get to SOME donations.
    1. —(Lindsay Moyer) 2017 Nominations
  1. Elections will go through February 1- 22, 2017
  2. Happy Hour on February 7 will be good opportunity to mix and mingle with candidates

4.3–(Kris Sollid): A decision is needed regarding the live-stream option. It comes at no-cost and DCMAND BOD has previously discussed the merits of utilizing it for free or for charge (by session or entire meeting).

  1. There was concern that attendees not paying to use the livestream could encourage free attendance from elsewhere and discourage in-person attendance. However, the Board felt the Town Hall and Awards portion of the meeting should be free for DCMAND members.
  2. Another option would be to promote the AND speaker session via live Webstream since that is a unique opportunity.
  3. The Board did not come to a conclusion on this issue and requested that more information be gathered and options developed for how/when to use the live webstream and cost options (1/2 day, full day, certain sessions).
5.0 New Business 5.1 (Robyn Douglas):  AND requesting a donation from DCMAND 2017-2018 budget/reserves and to encourage members to donate to the Annual Fund.  The Affiliate with highest contribution per member wins a scholarship in our name for the next fiscal year and the fundraising champion wins free registration to FNCE 2017 Chicago.  

  1. Second Century: donating percentage of reserves or line item in budget to donate to Academy

5.2 (Robyn Douglas):  Academy has asked DCMAND to encourage our members to vote in the National (and our affiliate) election.  Last year DCMAND placed in 2nd place in our category with 30.32% participation, behind Nebraska.  Affiliates with the highest participation in each category win free registration to FNCE 2017 Chicago.  Promoting the vote for National elections will include:

  1. Carrie put blurbs in a series of emails
  2. Coinciding local affiliate election with National election
  3. Encourage members letting them know there was a competition and that if  we win competition then affiliate will win a free registration to FNCE
  4. Use list of those who voted in DCMAND elections, to win raffle to annual meeting, and/or raffle to FNCE, must be present at annual meeting

5.3 (Robyn Douglas):  National Pork Board is interested in bringing a speaker to DC for a continuing education opportunity.  Subject – Antibiotics:  What’s Best for Animal & Food Safety?

  1. They are proposing a 45 minute session with Q&A.
  2. Board would like to review and approve content before it is presented.
  3. Board decided that they would prefer this to be a separate event, rather than part of the Annual Meeting. This may require additional funds from budget for additional speakers to join panel in upcoming fiscal year.
  4. Board would also like to know more about their communications to local media that promote attendance and how that promotion messaging would be phrased.
  • (Lindsay Moyer): Academy Project Vote participation and voting incentive(s).
    1. See 5.2

5.5 (Lindsay Moyer): Discuss how to promote certain awards to increase applications. Discuss promotion of ‘applying’ vs. being ‘nominated’ for certain awards.

  1. Need volunteers to score award nomination
  2. Information available for each award, who is eligible, requirements for consideration, and need a letter of nomination
  3. Yes, people can apply/nominate themselves; not all of the awards need a letter of recommendation from others; will send Tricia/Robyn/Hannah language for review and input.
  4. Emerging leaders has a monetary rewards; half upfront and half after they have served with communications. Board suggested that the requirement be that the awardee be involved and provide specific examples and timelines for expectations.

5.6 (Kris Sollid): PDC will need day-of volunteers for various tasks and would like to assign Board members. PDC also be recruiting volunteers to take part in the Improv session (ideas for enlisting welcome) as well as the DCMAND Town Hall.

  1. Need greeters and other categories TBD
  2. Perhaps have some sort of notification of volunteer need
  3. Pre-session Improv workshop will be in April; up to 12 people to attend; at least 5 participants are needed to then present their experience at annual meeting
  4. CEU credits could available; register for Annual Meeting get a discount then can get an additional session for CEUs
  5. Panel of presidents: go far back in history of DCMAND organization for Townhall for prepared and on the spot questions

5.6 (Kris Sollid): Soon, PDC will begin the process of reviewing Student poster abstracts. Is?

  1. Review FNCE webinar on abstracts
  2. sScore sheet developed prior for each category for submission. Volunteer Scorers will be needed to score before the start of the session.
  3. DCMAND BOD still without a student liaison

5.7 (Brittany Wood): Suggestions for BOD member for May edition of Potomac Post

  1. Hannah Martin

5.8 (Brittany Wood): Suggestions for affiliate member for May edition of Potomac Post

  1. Zelica
  2. Potomac post will be every 4 months

5.9 (Valerie Agyeman): Emerging Leader to help with social media

a. Rachel Gabauer is the Emerging Leaders winner for 2016-2017 year. In efforts to fulfill the requirement of her award she has agreed to help with social media. In the process of working with Rachel to create a plan. Will send finalized plan to Robyn and Lindsay.

  1. Should be required 5hr/wk or 20hours/month for involvement

5.10 (Valerie Agyeman): Hosting a Twitter Chat in mid- April

  1. Participants: DCMAND BOD, members, other affiliates, #rdchat, invite DPG’s/MIG’s, dietetic interns
  2. Special guest to lead the twitter chat could be Ameras Bradley—Partnership for a Healthier America– lead the chat on wellness and prevention
  3. June is prevention and healthcare focus for Second Century which could be an ideal time
  4. If you have topic ideas, Please email: communications@eatrightdc.org

5.11 (Stephanie Johnson): Website Map and Plan

a. Stephanie created a map of the DCMAND website, including some rearranging and tried to organize the site similar to the board structure. This way, DCMAND BOD can decide what information they would like displayed on their page.  

b. Need feedback on website map (provided in supplemental materials).Once DCMAND BOD decides the website layout, the corresponding board members can review their page and recommend content changes.

  1. Following changes were suggested:
    1. Move Awards to members
    2. Need archives from Potomac Post articles; Brittany will share her files with Stephanie.
    3. Events all on one page
    4. Move images to Facebook folder with “past events”
    5. Move dietitian v nutritionist under “About us”; move videos there or rather provide a link to the academy
  2. Include action alerts on public policy; updates needed for public policy; consolidating subpages; action alerts, PAC, public policy workshop, dc licensure, quarterly advocates,
  3. Move Kids Eat Right to resources
  4. Resources: remove majority of these links; update with “Find an Expert” for dietetic counseling
  5. House of Delegates under members page

5.12 (Christina Riley): DCMAND Contributions to Second Century Initiative

The Second Century Initiative is calling on affiliates to help raise funds toward their goal of $5 million to support this initiative.  Asking affiliates to donate from their reserves (5%), coordinate a fundraising event, or communicate with members to encourage individual contributions.  

    1. See below

5.13 (Christina Riley): DCMAND communication with membership about Second Century Initiative

a. Academy information is beginning to trickle in regarding Second Century. There is a pan to have focused monthly themes relating to the 6 key “opportunity areas” identified in research with membership.  How does

b. DCMAND should engage with membership about this initiative using some of the following avenues:

  • Article in Potomac post about the initiative for second century in May
  • Host an event
  • Match contributions from members but have an overall cap in contribution amount. Donations would be due in august
  • Work with communications to push out the AND distributed/approved communications
  1. Board will make a decision in March when more information is available

5.14 (Sydni Arnone):  Creation of DCMAND Members/Affiliates List

    • Currently have a private list; consideration for a public list so that DCMAND affiliates can subscribe as well as be added
    • Social Media Coordinator can then easily retweet/like tweets from members
    • Increase member/affiliate interactions on social media
  • Send out notification in weekly email?
    1. Send out a notification that people can subscribe and there will be a public list of subscribers

5.15 (Sydni Arnone): 6 Month Social Media Impact (as of 1/23/17)

a. Twitter

  • Impressions 54% increase
  • Profile Visits 307% increase
  • Mentions 52% decrease
  • Total Followers 44% increase
  • Engagement 121% increase
  • Keep in mind this is a comparison of Feb 2016 – July 2016 to Aug 2016 – Jan 2017
  • March and April were the highest rates prior to Valerie and Sydni starting in August.
    1. Facebook: 23% increase in FB Page likes.
    2. Twitter/Facebook Interactions: If you use Twitter/Facebook, please try to like/retweet/share posts one a week or two weeks. This increases our visibility to all of those who follow you.  
  • Social Media Coordinator needs assistance. Social media is a very time consuming tasks. Valerie has done a phenomenal job. However, this is one of the most year-round, time consuming (appointed) positions. If not the most. Requests for volunteers has not been successful. Social Media and Communications Chairs are open to thoughts/suggestions.
  1. Tweeting/Facebook posts for webinars – without sponsorship. Providing CPEU opportunities/notifications to our members. Sponsorship may not be necessary unless posts on our website. Social Media is a different tool from website. If DCMAND promotes other (qualified; accredited) organizations/individuals through social media, they tend to return the favor and increase our visibility and legitimacy on such outlets. If DCMAND increases this, likelihood of organizations or individuals wanting to pay to have posted on our website increases.
    • Continue the conversation regarding promoting someone else’s events

5.16 (Sydni Arnone): Promotion Images/Information for National Nutrition Month and Annual Meeting

  1. Need promotional items ASAP work with Sarah for National Nutrition Month; Sarah is responsible for NNM activities, etc.
  2. Need to update the sponsorship form and reach out for NNM sponsorship

5.17 (Carolyn Wait): Planning Open Space discussions

a. Delegates are responsible for leading an “open space discussion” with 5-10 participants regarding the future of the Academy and RDN’s and NDTR’s in wellness and prevention. The House leadership recommends a full or half day meeting and expects meetings to be done in the spring, ideally before April 22. Using “appreciative inquiry” technique to get idea generation

  1. This should be tied to another DCMAND or board activity, such as NNM day
    1. Board meeting scheduled for the morning with afternoon activities for members on NNM day. We could combine with that event.
    2. Looking for CEUs
    3. Could use the savings from meeting venue costs towards NNM day and this event
6.0 Miscellaneous Items
  • See Sarah’s report in provided supplemental materials

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Halfway through fiscal year, $1905 below expected expenses at this point in the year
  • With potentially reduced cost of annual meeting, may hit even or below budget

Member Relations

  • New members Kurt and Zelica have joined recently and are attending board meeting.
  • New member emails are going out; can reach out with questions or concerns
7.0 Adjourn Robyn, Hannah 2nd