BOD Meeting Minutes September 2017

Executive Committee Call Meeting Minutes

Date 09/19/17 8:00PM



Motion 1: Motion to pass new Mission, Vision, and Values

1st: Robyn Douglas

2nd: Meredith Dillon

Vote Results: Passed

1.0 Call Meeting to Order/Role
2.0 Approval of Consent Agenda Motion:

1st: Hannah Martin

2nd: Robyn Douglas

Vote Results: Passed

3.0 Approval of Meeting Minutes (8/15/17) Motion:

1st: Hannah Martin

2nd: Robyn Douglas

Vote Results: Passes

    1. Past Business
4.1 (Stephanie Johnson)– Nestle Sponsorship

   -At last board meeting, it was decided that we would discuss what resulted from discussion with Nestle (what type of sponsorship they could offer)

-Nothing to report, Waitng for the vote on DCMAND prospectus to send to Nestle

5.0 New Business 5.1 (Robyn Douglas)– Input on Mission, Vision, and Values

  • Reviewed Mission, Vision, and Values as a board and made edits as necessary, voted to approve revise Mission, Vision, and Values

5.2 (Brittany Cines) — Thanksgiving Donations

  • Last year we asked for Thanksgiving baskets for SOME at fall happy hour
  • Will donate to SOME again this year, will be looking into whether SOME offers online group donation pages

5.3 (Stephanie Johnson) — Input for additions to website

  • Discussed pages to add to website
    • Updating “find an RD”
    • Option to donate online likely will not be feasible
  • Potomac Post will be locked as Members only as it is a Member Benefit

5.4 (Megan Smith) — Sponsorship edits:

  • Reminder: Members of the sponsorship committee include the President-elect, Treasurer-elect, PDC Chair, PDC Chair-elect,
  • Unable to approve in today’s meeting due to further edits needed, will revisit at next meeting 10/10/17

5.5 (Megan Smith) — Sponsors list:

6.0 Miscellaneous Items
  • (Carolyn Wait)- Speed Dating Planning
    • Should we open this event to non-members?
      • If we open it up to non-members we have a potential to attract some more experienced RDs that wouldn’t already be members
      • The event would be free for members and non-members would be charged a small fee
    • Decided that we would do advanced registration for the event so that we could match different experience levels together
  • (Robyn Douglas)- Announcing Mission, Vision, and Values
    • Will make an announcement at Nominating Committee Happy Hour
7.0 Adjourn