BOD Meeting Minutes September 2016

BOD Conference Call Working Agenda

Date 9/20/16 – 8pm
Motion: Motion to appoint Kari Harris to the Secretary position.  Term ends on May 31, 2017 (Robyn Douglas)

1st: Robyn

2nd: Courtney

Vote Results: Passes by majority; one abstained – personal relationship




Vote Results:

1.0 Call Meeting to Order/Role
2.0 Approval of Consent Agenda Motion:

1st: Tricia

2nd: Robyn

Vote Results: Passed by majority

3.0 Approval of Meeting Minutes Motion:

1st: Robyn

2nd: Tricia

Vote Results: Passed by majority

4.0 Past Business 4.1 – Bylaws update – Carrie working on consolidating all edits. (Robyn Douglas)

4.2 – Volunteer opportunities outreach: due date 9/24/16 (Robyn Douglas)

  • Emily actively working on this

4.3 – DCMAND Business Cards update (Hannah Martin)

  • Waiting on finalizing social media changes – regaining Twitter handle potentially. Order smaller amount while waiting. Hannah to send final proof for approval/ordering for October meeting.

4.4 – Secretary transition (Robyn Douglas)

4.5 – DCMAND election timeline update (Lindsey Moyer)

  • Will coincide with Academy elections

4.6 – Annual meeting dates and theme update (Kris Sollid)

  • Still looking at potential venues – AU
5.0 New Business 5.1 – Communications Request Form review – included in supplemental materials (Robyn Douglas)

  • Conversation to continue offline on how best to collect and distribute the information

5.2 – Special Appointment of Secretary – see motions (Robyn Douglas)

  • Passed

5.3 – Meeting Space ideas (Hannah Martin)

  • Working with AU for space. Solicitation for other ideas – email Hannah.

5.4 – Volunteer Needs for upcoming events (Emily Snyder)

5.5 – Updating Sponsor contacts and materials (Megan Smith)

  • EC to email Megan suggestions on feedback to update forms

5.6 – Strategic Communications team input request (Sydni Arnone)

  • See communication request form update and consent agenda

5.7 – Website updates (Carrie Kiley)

  • Email Carrie any updates needed based on lost updates due to migration
6.0 Miscellaneous Items 6.1 – Send HOD feedback to Carolyn by September 30

  • Carrie to send in eblast tomorrow
7.0 Adjourn