BOD Meeting Minutes October 2017

Board Meeting Minutes

Date 10/10/2017 6:00PM
Motion 1: New Sponsorship Prospectus Approval

1st: Megan Smith

2nd: Robyn Douglas

Vote Results: Pass

1.0 Call Meeting to Order/Role
2.0 Approval of Consent Agenda Motion:

1st: Hannah

2nd: Carolyn

Vote Results: Passed

3.0 Approval of Meeting Minutes (9/19/17) Motion:

1st: Hannah Martin

2nd: Stephanie Johnson

Vote Results: Passed

    1. Past Business
4.1 (Megan Smith) — final vote on Sponsorship prospectus:
5.0 New Business 5.1 (Brittany Cines) — Dates and locations for Fall Networking Happy Hour

  • Week of November 6th or November 13th? — Aiming for November 14th
  • Will working on finding a venue

5.2 (Colleen Sideck) — The CRF form submission deadline was recently revised to 5 days prior to first posting at minimum. (Was formerly the Saturday the week before the first posting.) Executive Director should now be cc’d on all requests which are to be sent via email update. The CRF form instructions have been updated accordingly:

6.0 Miscellaneous Items 6.1 (Valerie Agyeman)-DCMAND FNCE meet-up: low response from Members on survey for networking event, not enough to organize a formal event

    • If anyone is interested in organizing a happy hour or DCMAND networking event, let Hannah know

6.2 (Stephanie Johnson)-NPPC CEU event

  • NPPC is unable to sponsor any event beyond having someone travel to event for discussion
  • Stephanie will ask NPPC if they can offer event in Webinar format (DCMAND has access to Webinar platform) for $750. If they want to host their own webinar, we can do a Dedicated Email Update for $450
  • We are an approved provider for CEUs, so we can approve CEUs should the webinar take place

6.3 (Hannah Martin) –  4 new board members since last meeting

  • Adair Lindsay – Social Media Coordinator
  • Vanessa King – Community Initiatives Chair
  • Christine Ju – Nominating Committee Second Seat
  • Ali Webster – Student Representative

6.4 (Courtney Puidk) – Licensure Board still has several vacant seats

  • If anyone has someone in their network that can fill positions, please refer them
7.0 Adjourn