BOD Meeting Minutes October 2016

BOD Meeting Working Agenda

Date 10/22/16 – 9:30am
Motion: Motion to approve by-law changes and submit to membership. (Robyn Douglas)

1st: Robyn

2nd: Stephanie

Vote Results: Failed due to remaining questions and resulting discussion (see below)

Motion to approve May 2016 meeting minutes amendments



Vote Results: Passed by unanimity

Motion to approve American University Washington School of Law in Claudio Grossman Hall for DCMAND Annual Meeting on April 28, 2017

1st: Kris

2nd: Tricia

Vote results: Passed by unanimity

1.0 Call Meeting to Order/Role
2.0 Approval of Consent Agenda Motion:

1st: Robyn

2nd: Tricia

Vote Results: Passed by majority

3.0 Approval of Meeting Minutes Motion:

1st: Robyn

2nd: Tricia

Vote Results: Passed by majority

4.0 Past Business 4.1 – Bylaws update – Edits consolidated; vote on revisions. (Robyn Douglas)

    • There was a question about the language for quorum at annual meeting;it currently reads that one voting member creates the  quorum for any meetings of the members, including the annual meeting, which contradicts a subsequent section regarding quorum.

“Section 4 Under Article IV: Quorum

  1. At all meetings of the Association membership, the voting members present will constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, except to the extent that the law of the District of Columbia requires a larger number.”

Which contradicts the following section regarding quorum for Board of Directors meeting

“Section 9. Quorum  

  1. A simple majority of the current voting members of the Board of Directors will constitute a quorum for transaction of business at any meeting of the Board of Directors or Executive Committee.”
  • There was an additional question regarding the possibility of adding Active, Student membership to as qualification for Board membership to “Section 5 Qualifications”. The Board would like to add Student classification for members to be able to be a board member and perhaps pursue possibility of a student representative on Board.

“Section 5. Qualifications

  1. Qualifications shall be consistent with board qualifications set forth in the Academy Bylaws. All Board members must be Active or Retired members of the Academy and the Association.”
  • The procedure for getting approval of new bylaws will be according to “old” bylaws. Must give members at least 15 days to consider but would like to give 30 days for members to consider
    • Goal would be to have a vote before DCMAND elections, and perhaps before Thanksgiving holiday

4.2 – Secretary transition (Robyn Douglas)

  • Secretary transition to Kari N Harris is complete. She has been approved by the board and accepted the special appointment for the remainder of this election cycle.
5.0 New Business 5.1 – Nominating and Second Century Event: Get feedback from the board about plan for the Nominating/Second Century networking happy hour event and plan for promotion to members. (Lindsay Moyer)

  • Brittany confirmed venue for November 16th Happy Hour 5:30-7:30PM at the first floor front bar of Duke’s Grocery in Dupont Circle
  • Currently there is not enough information regarding Second Century Initiative to warrant a CEU but a handout may be possible.
  • Robyn will look into possibility of Happy Hour eligible for networking CEU.
    • The approval process requires an agenda, objectives, handout, resume of speaker, most appropriate CEU code then send this material to Carrie to get approval.
    • Lindsay will pull something together for draft review by Robyn and Stephanie
  • Promotions for this will be sent to Carrie for e-blast on Tuesday.

5.2 Annual Meeting input needed: (Kris and Stephanie)

  • Venue Proposal and Budget Analysis
    • Grossman Hall seats 225. This would be ample room for seating and food and potential posters
    • Cost: $7 per attendee, based on 100 attendees
    • Current budget for annual meeting is based on budget structure approved this past spring
    • Livestreaming of the meeting is possible at this venue. Will need to decide pricing for attendees if offer this option.
  • Program Update
  • Potential Sessions
    • Potential for “Townhall Session” in order to include members in the direction and strat plan for DCMAND
      • Bring past presidents of DCMAND
      • Board could solicit questions ahead of time, perhaps at registration, to answer during the session. Then still allow opportunity for people to ask during the session.
    • Potential for Improv Comedy Session for Networking led by Liz Sanders, DCMAND member, IFIC employee, and amateur improve comedian
      • Would need 5-6 workshop volunteers to work with Liz ahead of time to then report on experience at the Annual Meeting. There could be potential for CEU for workshop attendance with financial incentive.
      • Suggestion to also have Improv session during the meeting with small groups of meeting attendees
    • Potential for Wellness Policy panel
      • If you have an idea for a panel participant that is a leader in DC wellness policy, please contact Stephanie.
    • Other potential sessions: the future of digital nutrition (science) communications, counseling and sensitive conversations in nutrition; current/future nutrition policy implications of the new presidential administration
  • 2018 Focus
    • Should it be Second Century-focused or “Future of Food” geared?
  • Registration Fees
    • Early-Bird and Student rates: Early-Bird and Student rates were discussed. May need to evaluate in context of going rate for CEUs.
    • 30% of attendees were students last year, which is a discounted price.
    • The first author of Poster presenter attends for free
  • Catering
    • On site for venue
  • Sponsorship
    • Currently updating the Annual Meeting Sponsorship Form with DCMAND logo and creating packet to detail “who we are”, purpose of DCMAND, purpose of Annual Meeting, context of Annual Meeting, sponsorship benefits.
    • Megan working with Sydney to revamp this sponsorship information and will connect with Kris & Stephanie to include theme information for Annual Meeting.
    • Work to help Megan with Sponsorship for raffle and gift bags
      • Can give food at gift bags but no outside food displayed
      • Kris will find out if exhibitors can bring in food given that outside vendors are not allowed.
  • Solicit donations for FNCE DC 2018 DCMAND booth
    • Solicit Donate for student support for student award ($1000); future of the profession, investing in next generation/students “Day of” needs
    • Volunteers to greet/direct, monitor food/breaks, poster grading, potential donation-related activities.
    • Other ideas/needs
  • “Day of” needs
    • Volunteers to greet/direct, monitor food/breaks, poster grading, potential donation-related activities.
    1. Pictures at DCMAND Events: (Valerie)
  • Please take pictures at all future DCMAND/AND events so they can be posted on DCMAND Twitter & FB page! This will give us a wide variety of photos to select from. Can we select at least 3 DCMAND BOD that will be “back up” photographers?
  • Please send pictures from FNCE 2016!
  • If anybody went to AND’s Quarterly Advocacy Day on September 26th in Capitol Hill and took pictures, please send them!
  • Send all pictures to:
    1. – Contributing to Social Media: If any DCMAND BOD/members are interested in contributing to DCMAND’s social media platforms, please let the Social Media Coordinator know! (Valerie)
    • Website Content: What would everyone like to see on the website? (Stephanie) Who would be responsible (Sydni)
    • Need to update information on the various sections. Webmaster should not need to develop content but inputting content
    • Will conduct a “page inventory” to get understanding of extent of scope, person responsible of content update and develop due date for regular updates
    • Options to consider:
      • Relate to Potomac Post’s quarterly posting update
      • Embed a google calendar so that people can subscribe to it.
      • Remove outdated items.

5.6 – NBC4 Expo: Is budget approved? Activities? Ideas? Need commitment from DC licensed volunteers (Sara)

    • Call for volunteers early November. For each shift need 1 DC licensed volunteer for each shift plus 2 additional volunteers for each shift for a total of 3 people.
    • Need to ration handouts to last throughout the expo
    • Can use remaining giveaways from last year in addition to the new items brainstormed to purchase. Should order a large quantity of items with budget so that these “leftover” items can be used at other event throughout the year. Budget does not need to be approved if it stays within the allocated monies for the event.
    • Volunteer for social media content will be needed.

5.7 – NNM: Expectations…type of event you want to see (Sarah)

    • March 25th, NNM and RD Day with $500 for meeting space budget available. Should anticipate ~40-45 attendees

5.8 – Volunteer Needs: Please email Emily with volunteer needs for upcoming events as soon as you know the volunteer needs and she will start coordinating. (Emily)

5.9 – Sponsorship for Annual Meeting: Need to update annual meeting sponsorship forms with relevant information and DCMAND logo. Will work with Communications on this task. (Megan)

5.10 – Sponsorship help from the Board: If board members have any POCs that could potentially be good partners for us, would love to reach out to them! (Megan)

5.11 – ANDPAC Fundraising: Need to organize a fundraiser to collect funds for a donation to ANDPAC (Courtney)

    • Ask for annual meeting solicitation, email how to donate to ANDPAC, Add to quarterly email for Feb ANDPAC meeting

5.12 – Yahoo Group to Google: Need to decide to use “”tags”” or “”categories”” for Google Group. What are the classifications/topics to be used? Needs definitive date for execution. (Sydni)

Transition from Yahoo to Google group

    • Plan this transition in November but will need a date of notice to move listserv. It should be send in eblast and also put on website.
    • There are Active members and friends of members on list of group. Need to compare listserv to membership list before moving to google group.

5.13 – Communications Request Form: Format to use; need of documentation. (Sydni)

  • Will draft versions for review
6.0 Miscellaneous Items Food Drive

Last year, DCMAND held a food drive to support So Others Might Eat (SOME). Tricia will work with others to coordinate this possibility in conjunction with the November Nominations Committee Happy Hour this year.

7.0 Adjourn