BOD Meeting Minutes March 2017

BOD Meeting Minutes

Date 3/25/2017 – 10:30AM
Motion: only offer a livestream of the awards, treasurer report and DCMAND Town Hall portions of the program, to make it available only to DCMAND members, and offer it for free.



*Agreed but no vote taken since there is no cost associated with it

Motion: Offer both option A and B to sponsors. If no sponsors show interest, proceed with option C outlined below.

Option A: Seek lump-sum sponsorships (e.g., $1000 or more each) from ADANE and AND/National Dairy Council to produce webinars of sessions 1 and 2 on the program and offer the CPE webinars free of charge.

Option B: Seek less total sponsorship (e.g., production cost plus 100%) from ADANE, AND/National Dairy Council and IFIC to produce webinars of sessions 1, 2 and 4 and offer CPE webinars for a fee ($20 to AND members, $50 to non-AND members).

Option C: If no sponsors show interest, DCMAND pays for editing services from the annual meeting budget and offer CPE webinars for a fee ($20 to AND members, $50 to non-AND members).

Motion to pursue Options A & B with input from Carrie Kiley on logistics

1st: Kris Sollid

2nd: Robyn Douglas

Outcome: Passed

Motion to pursue Option C (with likely IFIC support of ~$300, or double session-specific editing fee, for 4th session) if there is no interest in Options A or B from other sponsors – in other words, spend approximately $550 at most for editing to make session webinars available later

1st: Stephanie Johnson

2nd: Hannah Martin

Outcome: Passed

*Kris Sollid has recused himself from this vote

Motion: to approve the cost of the new 50-year member gift/award.



*Agreed to provide certificates to all 50-year-plus members, and frame Capt. Shirley Blakely’s, out of award budget. No vote taken.

1.0 Call Meeting to Order/Role
2.0 Approval of Consent Agenda Motion:

1st: Robyn Douglas

2nd: Stephanie Johnson

Vote Results: Passed

3.0 Approval of Meeting Minutes Motion: Amendment required to change the name with Carolyn Wait’s report (was listed as Lindsay Moyer); Veronica Chocron, Member Relations, must be added

1st: N/A

2nd: N/A

Vote Results:

    1. Past Business
4.1 (Kris Sollid): A decision is needed regarding the live-stream option.

  • We have the option to record sessions. While having the sessions recorded is free, the editing of recordings is not free. We have received a $550 quote for editing services from AU.
  • There are a few approaches we can take in the attempt to market pay-per-view CPE webinars of the recorded sessions. Multiple motions will be requested to determine a preferred revenue-generating approach to CPE webinars, based on the following promotion options.

Option A: Seek lump-sum sponsorships (e.g., $1000 or more each) from ADANE and AND/National Dairy Council to produce webinars of sessions 1 and 2 on the program and offer the CPE webinars free of charge.

Option B: Seek less total sponsorship (e.g., production cost plus 100%) from ADANE, AND/National Dairy Council and IFIC to produce webinars of sessions 1, 2 and 4 and offer CPE webinars for a fee ($20 to AND members, $50 to non-AND members).

Option C: If no sponsors show interest, DCMAND pays for editing services from the annual meeting budget and offer CPE webinars for a fee ($20 to AND members, $50 to non-AND members).

See motions above

4.2 (Robyn Douglas):  Plan of Work

  • One plan of work for each BOD and/or Committee should be submitted by March 25, 2017.  The plan of work includes goals, action items, monetary resources, and volunteers needed to complete these goals.  Use this year’s calendar as starting point for your due dates.  Both are attached and uploaded into the meeting folder.  The POWs will be reviewed and consolidated into the FY 2017-2018 draft budget
  • Note: if there are expenses that have come up this year that will occur in the future, include them. If there are one-time expenses that we anticipate in the coming year, include that now.
  • Note: 3 P’s will work together to set the budget for 3 P’s and overall/admin budget.
  • Note: Consider design needs – we can do a shared budget across committees for photo rights, etc.

4.3 (Carolyn Wait): Open Space Session on Wellness and Prevention

  • Delegates are responsible for leading an “open space discussion” with 5-10 participants regarding the future of the Academy and RDN’s and NDTR’s in wellness and prevention before April 22.

Planning discussion:

  • Weeknights are better for free meeting space
  • We should plan to feed people for two-hour weeknight meetings
    • COVE co-working spaces could be open on weekends ($15-25/hour for non-members)
    • Impact Hub is also a shared group space in Chinatown and Potter’s House in Columbia Heights also has a community space
  • Will proceed with inviting specific people to participate to get best input from a variety of practice areas; then set a date and time and request funding as needed; then advertise if there are additional slots available for the focus group

4.4 (Lindsay Moyer):  DCMAND Awards Scoring

  • A few Board members volunteered to review award nominations April 1-10; Lindsay Moyer will also send an email to the Board after the meeting
  • Recommendation to set criteria for scoring and granting awards only for those that meet a minimum score, regardless of the number of nominees
  • Not all of the awards have nominees; not obligated to get nominees for all awards nor grant award if one or more nominees are deemed unworthy

4.5 (Christina Riley): DCMAND Contributions to Second Century Initiative

  • The Second Century Initiative is calling on affiliates to help raise funds toward their goal of $5 million to support this initiative.  
  • Academy is asking affiliates to donate from their reserves (5%), coordinate a fundraising event, or communicate with members to encourage individual contributions.   5% of our reserves is ~$1,000. We could ask members to donate and we match up to $500 or $1000.
  • Working on Potomac Post article to inform members about the 2nd Century Initiative
  • Never decided at the last Board meeting how much or how to contribute.
  • New communication materials were released this week from the Academy
  • The Academy is tracking how much members donate from each Affiliate so that we can know later how much to match.
  • Deadline to donate is August 31, 2017 to be counted in the affiliate competition for a free FNCE registration.
  • Recommendation to include a donation in the budget and then determine the exact amount there.
  • Robyn will inquire with Theresa and Carrie to see if we can find out how much members have donated to ANDPAC or the Foundation.

4.6 (Kari Harris): Use of Google Docs for collection of monthly reports

  • People found it easy to use, but it was initially sent as a share file via Google docs, not an email, so people missed it.
5.0 New Business 5.1 (Robyn Douglas): Forms, Documents

  • Discuss desired location of necessary forms, policies, and documents needed during the year.  Will involve conversion of all positions to an email account for secure management.
  • Carrie Kiley has access to accounts and can work on sharing documents with new accounts that don’t have old documents saved.
  • Recommendation to turn Board contact list into a Google spreadsheet that can be more easily imported as a Gmail contact list.
  • Google Drive would include a shared folder with latest bylaws, policies, and procedures; latest form templates; position descriptions; and contact lists. Organization/structure is still being developed.
  • Expectation to transition by June 1, 2017.

5.2 (Robyn Douglas):  Position Transition Forms

  • For positions that are changing over, please complete this form to catalog your responsibilities and provide recommended resources to the incoming member.
  • Will be combined with the POW in order to reduce work and duplication

5.3 (Hannah Martin): Communication Request Form

  • Please use the latest CRF version found in the “Communications” folder on Google Drive as email versions could be outdated. Provide unique, complete verbage for all platforms. For repeated postings on social media, provide more than 1 post. Send fully completed forms directly to the Strategic Communications Chair who will then double-check posts, provide any style edits that she sees fit, and then distribute for execution. If you send to others, language may accidentally get posted without anyone checking it. If you need help crafting a message, work with the Strategic Communications Chair (Sydni) several days in advance of the CRF deadline.
  • Remember that tweets are limited to 140 characters including spaces
  • Do not cc Carrie Kiley when emailing the Strategic Communications Chair with your Communication Request form

5.4 (Lindsay Moyer): 50 yr Member Award

  • Hannah has researched the cost of some options for a gift/award for our new 50-year member. This is not in the budget, so we’ll need to vote to approve the cost.
  • Decision to do certificates, framed for Capt. Shirley Blakely so as not to set a precedent for plaques every year for 50 year members or be too different from past years. No need for additional budget because it could be done within the awards budget.

5.5 (Lindsay Moyer):  DCMAND Awards Scoring

  • Nominating Committee needs a few BOD members to volunteer to help with awards applications scoring (completed April 1-10).
  • The Emerging Leader award amount was discussed with the agreement that will give half up front, then have the winner sign a contract agreeing to certain number of hours of volunteer work and the remainder of the award will be given at the end of the year.

5.6 (Emily Snyder): Volunteers for Annual Meeting

  • Need volunteers for setup, poster grading, and cleanup. Several BOD members volunteered to take positions for the following slots
    • 8:00-9:00 am: Set-up, registration, and “ushers” – 8
    • 8:00-8:30 am: Poster session reviewers – 5
    • 4:30-5:30 pm: Clean up – 5

5.7 (Megan Smith): Future Sponsorship/Fundraising Efforts (Annual meeting and beyond)

  • Needed: As DCMAND evolves, it is clear there needs to be a more efficient process to go about obtaining sponsorships and partnerships.
  • Fundraising Chair could benefit from a team of people who to help most efficiently build a DCMAND sponsorship, provide brainstorming for ideas and develop structured plan to best move forward for not only Annual Meeting Sponsorship but also for General Year Round Sponsorship and Revenue making partnerships
  • Sponsorships should be learning the times that organizations and companies set their budges to determine the best time to contact potential sponsors, i.e. June-July is frequently a key time for organizations to set their budgets
  • Consider adding social media to sponsorship prospectus

5.8 (Sydni Arnone): Responsbility for managing listserv

  • Strategic Communications Chair posts on the listserv, but recommend that Carrie Kiley reply to posts directed at the Board/DCMAND and cc appropriate person
  • EML/Google Group etiquette is posted on Google Group email, but may consider updating and posting, potentially on a regular basis
6.0 Miscellaneous Items National Nutrition Month / RD Day Event

  • Difficulty with planning event and ensuring a large number of attendees
  • Saturday afternoon/evening is prime time for restaurants, so minimum food and beverage tab was at least $1,000 plus $500 deposit for places contacted. Even more difficult due to March Madness and Cherry Blossom Festival. (Ex. Blue Jacket Brewery doubled minimum and cost due to date.)
  • Recommend weeknight evening for better attendance, better mix of non-Board members, less one-day time commitment for Board
  • How we got here
    • We had decided not to charge in order to be a celebration
    • We had decided to have it on the same day as a Board meeting for Board convenience and building member interest in Board meetings
    • Last year it was on a Sunday afternoon after a Board meeting
  • Recommend looking into getting it sponsored
  • Recommend a minimal fee to better ensure that people attend, getting a better advance head count
  • Try better advance promotion (difficult this year due to difficulty find space), including promotion of who is catering

Board Orientation

  • Rhythm Superfoods wants to sponsor the orientation with samples but wants to know date and time
  • It will be sometime in June but exact date in TBD
  • 15-20 people likely in attendance
  • Will determine to whom to ship items after setting a location


  • Working on updates for the website
  • Promoting quarterly advocacy days
    • Theresa Niese wants DC to be the regional leader on quarterly Advocacy Days and would like to have some presence from DCMAND members
    • A DCMAND member would go to meetings with others, not always RD’s or NDTR’s, depending on the topic
    • Academy staff provides webinar and materials in advance
  • Considering what an advocacy event could look like
  • Sarah Fisher will be the CPC/Reimbursement Chair next year
  • Could send Sarah to PPW since Courtney has taken the HEN registration
7.0 Adjourn