BOD Meeting Minutes July 2017

Executive Committee Call Meeting Minutes

Date 07/25/2017 8:00 PM


Motion 1: Create a DCMAND LinkedIn Account

1st: Hannah Martin

2nd: Carolyn Wait

Vote Results: Passed

1.0 Call Meeting to Order/Role
2.0 Approval of Consent Agenda Motion:

1st: Hannah Martin

2nd: Stephanie Johnson

Vote Results: Pass

3.0 Approval of Meeting Minutes Motion:

1st: No motion to approve


Vote Results: Fail (Edits to be made to Meeting Minutes before approval)

    1. Past Business
4.1 (Stephanie Johnson)- Follow up on website templates to choose for website updates

  • Stephanie will decide what works best for website and move forward with update
5.0 New Business 5.1 (Hannah Martin): Website Committee- Looking for a few BOD members to form ad-hoc website committee to make suggestions for organizational/content changes to website and report to board (via Stephanie) by 9/19/17

  • Send Stephanie and Hannah an email if you are interested in joining Committee
  • Any large changes on website will be voted on at next Executive call 9/19/17

5.2 (Hannah Martin): Pork Board Sponsorship- Given that we do not know specifics of what type of content the Pork Board wants to sponsor, could we do a pork-only CEU or, on principle, do we feel the need to seek balance?

  • Getting someone from FDA for a panel could help to balance out Pork Board
  • Aiming for a fall, in-person CEU event with a social component

5.3 (Carolyn Wait): Follow-up from open space discussion ideas for DCMAND

  • If we want to propose a FNCE session on innovative DCMAND members, we should think about this in January/February
  • Coordinating a “speed-dating” event– this would be a task for Member Relations coordinator (Laurie Hainley)

5.4 (Stephanie Johnson): CPE opportunities for the fall- which would we like to pursue, how would we like to space them out, how would we like to structure them? (Pork Board, Pentagon visit, UDC garden visit)

  • UDC Garden visit should be planned while it is still growing season
  • Pentagon visit (Courtney) — Possibly in late October
    • The event would be with Courtney’s contact Colonel Suarez related to how the military can be more involved in Health and Wellness
  • Pork Board Event- November

5.5 (Brittany Wood): BOD/Member Feature- Any suggestions for featured members?

  • Meredith will Email Brittany Wood to be the next featured BOD member
  • Please send suggestions for non-board member features to   

5.6 (Colleen Sideck): Twitter Chat- Decide on a date and theme

  • Theme will be Back to School
  • Date: End of August/Beginning of September

5.7 (Stephanie Johnson): DCMAND LinkedIn- Can someone make this with DCMAND logo?

  • This would be managed by social media or strategic communications
  • Voted to create LinkedIn, see Motions for Approval
6.0 Miscellaneous Items 6.1 Strategic Communications – Colleen Sideck

  • Social Media Coordinator is now vacant, looking for someone to fill this position

6.2 Nominating Committee Second Seat

  • Still vacant, several have shown interest, but none have actually applied yet

6.2 Sponsorship – Kris Sollid

  • Goal of looking with a critical eye at what sponsorships we are already getting funding from in addition to prospective sponsors (Functional Formularies) — Sponsorship committee will look at this first and bring it to the full board in a future meeting

6.3 Treasurer’s Report (Courtney Paolicelli)

  • Please look at Treasurer’s Report and let Courtney Paolicelli know if there are questions
  • $750 donation on behalf of DCMAND was made to Second Century
7.0 Adjourn