BOD Meeting Minutes February 2017

BOD Meeting Meeting Minutes

Date 2/28/2017 – 8:00PM
Motion: Budget approval to provide lunch for award recipients that may not attend annual meeting.


Motion: Appoint Hannah Martin as proxy for Robyn Douglas while Robyn is out of the country April 5-18th,  2017

1st: Robyn Douglas

2nd: Tricia Psota

Vote Results: Pass by unanimity

Motion: 3-5 volunteers who participate in April 7th Improv Session and plan on attending the Annual Meeting will be eligible to receive the Early Bird discounted registration fee for the Annual Meeting.

1st: Kris Sollid

2nd: Tricia Psota

Vote Results: Pass by unanimity

1.0 Call Meeting to Order/Role
2.0 Approval of Consent Agenda Motion: Robyn Douglas

1st: Robyn Douglas

2nd: Carolyn Wait

Vote Results: Pass by unanimity

3.0 Approval of Meeting Minutes Motion: Robyn Douglas

1st: Robyn Douglas

2nd: Tricia Psota

Vote Results: Pass by unanimity

    1. Past Business
4.1 (Lindsay Palmer):  Treasurer’s Report: See attached documentation

  1. Has been updated to include December and January
  2. Up $1400 but does not include Annual Meeting expenses other than those projected from last year
  3. AND Investment Account is reporting higher than original amount invested
  4. Deposit to AU for annual meeting has not been made thus is not reflected in the expenses

4.2 (Kris Sollid): A decision is needed regarding the live-stream option. It comes at no-cost and DCMAND BOD has previously discussed the merits of utilizing it for free, for charge (by session or entire meeting)

  1. Courses of action available: Review attached documentation that Kris sent. Still waiting for some final information from AU.
  2. Agreed at last meeting to provide DCMAND members free access to Town Hall, Treasurer’s report and awards session.
    1. (Kris Sollid): Update on Board meeting early-bird code and current registration numbers
  1. Working with Carrie Kiley to get a code for Board members to get the same discounted rate as the early bird rate regardless of timing of registration
  2. “Early Bird Code” is not ready yet but if Board would like to register after tonight but receive the discounted rate then it is possible to do a refund of the differences in registration prices
  3. Twenty people are currently registered
  4. Early Bird registration rates end tonight; Kris has submitted communications to Sydni for distribution this next week
  5. Agenda is finalized which will go onto the website
5.0 New Business 5.1 (Kris Sollid): PDC would like to provide lunch for award recipients that may not attend annual meeting.

  • If the award winner isn’t able to attend the whole meeting but is coming only to accept their award, should DCMAND provide them lunch?
    • Would rather encourage their attendance, paying the full registration price, rather than offer discount codes or discount for lunch.
  • Nominating Committee Chair and Professional Development Chair can check registration list before contacting Award winners to gauge whether their arrival during lunch would be worth mentioning

5.2 (Robyn Douglas):  Program of Work

  • One program of work for each BOD and/or Committee should be submitted by March 25, 2017.  The plan of work includes goals, action items, monetary resources, and volunteers needed to complete these goals.  Use this year’s calendar as starting point for your due dates.  Both are attached and uploaded into the meeting folder.  The POWs will be reviewed and consolidated into the FY 2017-2018 draft budget
  • Each committee and lead position are requested to review dates of events on the calendar and establish goals, tasks, monetary resources, and volunteers needed to accomplish the event on the Program of Work
  • See the POWs attached Robyn sent; if interested in seeing copies of prior POW, email Robyn
  • March 25 is deadline to submit POW for 2017-2018 anticipated needs/events

5.3 (Lindsay Moyer): Open Space Session on Wellness and Prevention

  • Delegates are responsible for leading an “open space discussion” with 5-10 participants regarding the future of the Academy and RDN’s and NDTR’s in wellness and prevention.
  • Not move forward with planning for this to occur on the same day as the March Board meeting and National Nutrition Month event because there is concern was about venue for NNM on March 25th

5.4 (Megan Smith): Sponsorship/Donator Questions

These are various donors that are currently a ‘maybe’

  • KIND wants to donate samples for our goodie bags. However, their current budget does not allot for the $50 stuffing fee.
    • Board still requires a $50 for the stuffing fee. If they are not willing to pay the stuffing fee, then perhaps accept the donation for National Nutrition Month
  • Egg Nutrition Center wants to donate two items for goodie bags.
    • Board requests that for each item they want to have placed in the bag, Egg Nutrition Center would be charged $50 (two items = $100)
  • Does anyone have any personal contacts at any of the local Giant locations?
    • New PDC elect Marissa works for Giant as a dietitian
    • An former classmate of Stephanie Johnson’s also works for Giant as a dietitian
  • Number of attendees have been at past few annual meetings:
    • 90-100 attendees is usual, high around 130 out of a total of 500 members (25% of membership attend the annual meeting)

5.5 (Megan Smith): Other Fundraising Opportunities

  • Rhythm super foods in interested in sponsoring a board meeting with ‘swag and snacks’.
  • Perhaps steer them to providing snacks at Orientation over the summer

5.6 (Courtney Puidk): Public Policy page on DCMAND website

The following resources will be added:

  • Save Good Food Amendment Act of 2017 recently introduced by Councilmember Cheh includes strategies to decrease food waste in DC and was referred to the Health Committee and Finance Committee.
  • Oversight and Budget hearings for DC government agencies are going on through early March. Find more details here if you are interested in speaking up on a particular food issue:
  • Current federal policy updates, including CNR, Farm Bill, Labeling, will be included on the DCMAND website. Also Public Policy Chair contact information listed for those who are interested in gaining further information.
  • Board is concerned that the upkeep of the list of local food policy organizations would be too time consuming and has the risk of accidently leaving off some organizations who may then feel slighted.

5.7 (Kari Harris): Use of Google Docs for collection of monthly reports

  • Robyn will set-up folders in Google drive for each month’s Board meeting and grant access to Board members to contribute
  • Kari will set-up the templates for Consent agenda as Google docs in these folders and notify Board members ahead of time to make direct edits into the document online.
  • Once the deadline for submissions is reached Kari will pull the Google doc into a Word document, provide formatting and grammar checks, and email the final version as she does now.

5.8 (Lindsay Moyer): Need BOD volunteers for scoring

  • Please nominate a colleague or encourage colleagues to apply
  • Congrats to newly elected board members:
    • Kris Sollid: President-Elect
    • Valerie:  PDC Elect
    • Sarah Goff: Treasurer Elect
    • Meredith: Secretary
    • Marissa Donovan: PDC Elect
  • Awards are open for applications or nominations. There are varying requirements for each award but for most there is request for a letter of nomination.
6.0 Miscellaneous Items Robyn will be out of the country for April 5-18th and thus will be unavailable to sign contracts.
7.0 Adjourn