BOD Meeting Minutes December 2016

BOD Meeting Working Agenda

Date 12/06/16 – 8:00PM
Motion: Motion to approve Google Calendar use protocols as follows. (Hannah Martin)

  • Executive Director, President, President-Elect have Google calendar ownership. Addition/editing of calendar events should be requested through Communication Form which Carrie Kiley will execute. Other BOD members do not have ability to make changes to calendar.

1st: Hannah

2nd: Robyn

Vote Results: Pass by majority

1.0 Call Meeting to Order/Role
2.0 Approval of Consent Agenda Motion:

1st: Robyn

2nd : Hannah

Vote Results: Pass by unanimity

3.0 Approval of Meeting Minutes Motion:

1st: Robyn

2nd: Courtney P.

Vote Results: Pass by unanimity, pending addendum from PDC that the estimated cost per attendee is estimated to be $7, all things considered.

4.0 Past Business 4.1—NBC4 Expo Volunteers needed (Emily Snyder) If you would like to volunteer at the NBC4 Expo (Saturday, January 7 and/or Sunday, January 8), please email Emily ( as soon as possible. In particular, we still need a DC licensed RDs for all Sunday shifts (8 to 12, 11:30 to 2:30, and 2:00 to 5:00). Thanks to those who have already signed up to volunteer!

  • Need more volunteers for Sunday

4.2– Sponsorship for Annual Meeting/Fundraising Form (Megan Smith)

  • The new form should be used for National Nutrition month and annual meeting but perhaps reach out separately to sponsors for the two events.
  • Megan is reaching out to companies, starting with those who donated last year.
  • If you have any suggestions beyond those who were solicited in prior years, please reach out to Megan.
  • A “Thank you” to Aramark for their sponsorship via meeting space and catering during board meetings over the course of the year should be acknowledged at the Annual Meeting.
5.0 New Business 5.1—Reimbursement Form Procedures (Robyn Douglas)

  • This is different from what has been used before. User should put item and expense codes on the same line. Submit them to Lindsay P (Treasurer). Only accept itemized receipts, not credit card invoices.

5.2—Communications Form Procedures (Robyn Douglas)

  • On the form, you can input styling requests and which outlets to publicize. Send to (Sydni and Valerie). Give them 5 days notice prior to the needed request
  • Need to add website and Google calendar as options to the form.

5.3—Google Calendar—Protocol for Use. (Hannah Martin)

Proposal for use:

  • Every event/meeting open to the public and every deadline we would announce publicly (nominations open, elections, etc.)
  • The discussion hinged on which members (a select few based on position or every BOD member) should be calendar owners (full permissions including adding/removing users and calendar editing settings)
  • The decision, as indicated in the Motion Passed, is for Executive Director, President, President-Elect only.
    • This “ownership” has ability to make core changes to the calendar, including delete the whole calendar. Best to keep this to a minimum in order to prevent grave errors with the calendar.
  • Need to add “Google calendar” addition to the communication form so that only one person would be making revisions.

5.4—Feedback on Call for 2017 Nominations (Lindsay Moyer)

  • Nominations are due Jan 15th. Elections will be in February.
  • Positions open this year: President-elect, Treasure-elect, Secretary, PDC elect, Nominating Committee second seat
  • At the end of new nomination form, people can indicate interest in appointed positions if they do not get elected for position they desire.
  • Please review the descriptions of the position and the form. Provide feedback to Lindsay by Friday December 9th.
  • Recruiting open positions is best done through personal connections. If you don’t want to personally reach out to potentially interested candidate, let Lindsay Moyer.

5.5—New member email (Emily Snyder) Is BOD okay with new member email? If so, will explore the easiest system for it to get to new members.

  • New DCMAND emails will receive when selecting affiliation of DCMAND in a timely manner. Let them know of upcoming events and possibilities to get involved.
  • Feedback due to Emily on the draft of the email by Friday December 9th.
6.0 Miscellaneous Items Carrie Kiley will send a notification that Google group is available.

Hannah would like to send out a guide or few instructions on how to use Google group prior to end of Yahoo group. Potentially also place on homepage when click on link. Kari will work with Hannah to complete this guide with screenshots.

Dr. Zellman from Web MD can’t make the Annual Meeting. Kris is finding a replacement. There is not a set date for confirming speakers. Other details in program are being finalized.

The contract for AU venue is signed for April 28th.

7.0 Adjourn