BOD Meeting Minutes August 2017

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Date 08/15/2017 6:00 PM
Motion 1: Approving new General Prospectus Pricing (Megan Smith)

Vote Results: Not voted on, will send revised version

1.0 Call Meeting to Order/Role
2.0 Approval of Consent Agenda Motion:

1st: Hannah Martin

2nd: Stephanie Johnson

Vote Results:  Passed

3.0 Approval of Meeting Minutes (5/23/17) Motion:

1st: Hannah Martin

2nd: Kris Sollid

Vote Results: Passed

3.0 Approval of Meeting Minutes (7/25/17) Motion:

1st:  Hannah Martin

2nd: Robyn Douglas

Vote Results: Passed

    1. Past Business
4.1 None
5.0 New Business 5.1 (Hannah Martin) – Website Committee

  • Looking to build a committee to look through website to reorganize pages and redesign structure
  • Carrie Kiley, Kris Sollid, and Courtney Paolicelli have volunteered; Hannah Martin has nominated Brittany Wood to help. Stephanie Johnson will help to coordinate.
  • Working to be finished by Exec call in September

5.2 (Stephanie Johnson) – Date and Venue for Annual Meeting

  • April 13th, 20th, or 27th 2018
  • Venue- Same venue as last year (American University Washington College of Law)
  • Theme- “The Whole Package” looking at the whole body, different specialties in health and wellness

5.3 (Stephanie Johnson)- Date for Pork Panel

  • Pork panel possible dates – 11/13-11/16, or 10/2-10/12 (Monday-Thursday, evenings only, possibly a happy hour with Pork Board sponsoring food)
    • Panelists – NPPC, NTF, and Bill Flynn (FDA)
  • 1 CEU
  • Currently, there is no set price to sponsor a CEU event
    • Research to decide how much is appropriate to charge (potentially include price of food and venue)–to be discussed at September call

5.4 (Stephanie Johnson)- Is Nestle an Okay sponsor (question for sponsorship committee)?

  • Nestle is moving headquarters to DC
  • Topics: Portion Control?
  • Board and sponsorship committee decided to move forward with talking with Nestle as a potential sponsor; need to work out details of what kind of sponsorship before we officially accept them as a sponsor
    • Will be discussed in September Exec call

5.5 (Colleen Sideck) – Date/time for Twitter chat: Tuesday Aug 29th or Wednesday Aug 30th? 8pm-9pm? Use #DCMANDchat — theme will be school lunch

  • Draft questions for chat have been created and shared with board
  • Colleen will be working on inviting organizations and people involved in school meals to join Twitter Chat
  • Date will be pushed back to Wednesday, September 6th at 7pm

5.6 (Sara Quinteros)- What event dates are convenient for most people?

  • Working on details for potluck event, will likely be on a weeknight
    • Sara will coordinate date with Brittany and send out an email with a sign-up sheet–Tuesday, September 12th from 5-8pm
  • Sara has been in contact with several farms for farm tour on a weekend; may aim for late spring 2018 for this event

5.7 (Megan Smith) – General Prospectus process

  • Annual meeting sponsorship: Bronze Sponsorship package was re-added
    • Includes one registration, one exhibitor table ($500)–valued at $535
  • Board reviewed new sponsorship packages and wording, made necessary edits as follows:
    • Annual meeting sponsorships—wording will be changed from breakfast and lunch included to meals included
    • Annual meeting sponsorships include registration and meal, price adjusted to reflect the true price of the meeting ($135 for one member, $270 for two people)
    • On Platinum Sponsorship: Instead of offering 40 minimum emails recognized as Platinum sponsor, we will offer time frame of one calendar year
    • Categories for rates were adjusted to the following groups:
      • Affiliate Rate changed to Affiliate, DPEG, MIG rate (20% off for-profit rate)
      • Non-profit/Government Rate (10% off for-profit rate)
      • For-profit Rate
      • DCMAND Member rate was deleted
    • Weekly email update rate changes:
      • For-profit rate ($100)
      • Non-profit/Government rate ($90-10% off)
      • Affiliate rate ($80-20% off)
    • Dedicated email update
      • Sponsor can choose what day the email will be sent out (cannot be on Thursday because of the weekly email)
      • New Rates
        • For-profit rate ($500)
        • Non-profit rate ($450)
        • Affiliate, DPEG, MIG ($400)
    • Potomac Post
      • Should be called periodic instead of biannual
      • Rates
        • For-profit rate ($100)
        • Non-profit/Government rate ($90-10% off)
        • Affiliate, DPEG, MIG rate ($80-20% off)
    • Hyperlinked Logo on Website
      • For-profit rate ($1000 per year or $100 per month)
      • Non-profit/Government rate ($900 per year or $90 per month)
      • Affiliate, DPEG, MIG rate ($800 per year or $80 per month)
    • Other annual Meeting sponsorship items will be called a la carte items
      • Added item: Sponsored Break for a company to give out food on break
      • Bag stuffing: $75 for one item, $125 for two items
      • Raffle items- Minimum value increased to $50
    • Non-annual meeting sponsorship opportunities and prices will be discussed by sponsorship committee
6.0 Miscellaneous Items 6.1 Colleen Sideck has moved into Strategic Communications Chair position; Social Media Coordinator position is now vacant

6.2 If Board members have questions to ask DCMAND members on member survey, send to Hannah and Carrie

6.3 Courtney Paolicelli- Pentagon Tour

  • Tour: Meet at 12pm, then security check-in and shuttle around building; official tour from 2:30-4pm
  • Cap of 30 members, registration will open on August 17th-August 31st, save the date for registration will be sent out on Thursday, August 17th (added to DCMAND calendar) ahead of time to ensure fairness to all members
7.0 Adjourn