BOD Meeting Minutes April 2017

Executive Committee Call Consent Agenda

Date 4/25/2017 – 8:00PM
Motion : To place raffle tickets in cups for which item they want to win (i.e. separate pools for different items)

1st: Robyn

2nd: Hannah


1.0 Call Meeting to Order/Role
2.0 Approval of Consent Agenda Motion:



Vote Results:

3.0 Approval of Meeting Minutes Motion: NONE



Vote Results:

    1. Past Business
4.1 (Kris Johnson): Live-stream and recording at Annual Meeting

  • Recording two session: one sponsored through DCMAND will be offered through our channel; Townhall will be openly available
5.0 New Business 5.1 (Lindsay Palmer) Feedback on Treasurer’s Report for Annual Meeting

  • There are examples of past Treasurer’s Reports in the Google Shared folder; include the snapshot of finances up to April and whether the budget is tracking to break-even/loss/etc
  • Lindsay needs Paypal account password and revenue information from annual meeting

5.2  (Kris Sollid/Stephanie Johnson) Organization of judging.

  • Stephanie will bring judging forms. Would like to receive feedback about forms after judging so they can be tailored to each category next year.
  • Poster judges will be start at 8am with 6 judges and 11 posters, each judge will have 5-6 posters
  • Plane for judging can be done before doors open at 8:30; poster participants have to be ready to go at 8am
  • Judges will circulate independently in order to expedite the process
  • Stephanie will send out abstracts in advance if judges want to review
  • Award certs are ready

5.3 (Kris Sollid/Stephanie Johnson): Town Hall:

  • Tricia to moderate.
  • Potential topics to address during the session:
  • FNCE 2018 in DC
  • Sponsorship
  • HOD-related items
  • Future degree requirements (e.g., MS min starting in 2024?)
  • Licensing and scope of practice concerns with other professions (e.g., health coaches, fitness professionals, etc.)
  • What do you want from DCMAND – webinars, networking opportunities, CPEs, annual meeting, less convention opportunities?
  • Run-of-show:
    • Moderator introductions (2-3 mins)
    • Opening Remarks (3-5 mins each, or about 15 mins)
    • Each panelists to give their chronological perspective
    • Robyn: current perspective
    • 2016-2017 initiatives, objectives, events, needs/gaps, emerging issues, general overview…
    • Carolyn and Tricia: past perspective
    • Where we were, Board objectives/progress/advancements made during your tenure.
    • Hannah: future perspective
    • 2017-2018 outlook: key initiatives, objectives, events, needs/gaps, emerging issues, thoughts on where we may go from here
  • Open mic Q&A (30-40 mins)
  • Mix of scripted questions from the moderator, questions solicited ahead of time, and open mic from the audience. We would like to encourage the board to ask questions to stimulate discussion during the Q&A sessions.
  • Facilitate discussion with audience: can collect answers on notecards, on twitter polling or other virtual options.
  • We’ll put out a call on social, email and also in attendee packet info to solicit topics/questions.
  • We can have some Board members ready to keep conversation moving is things slow down too much, but I don’t anticipate a lack of audience participation.

5.4 (Kris Sollid):. Meeting attendance is looking low so the walk-in registration is still available. Registration is currently at 20 less than last year.

5.5 (Kris Sollid): Sponsorship

  • Raffle at Annual meeting requires cash;
  • Will put raffle items on display ahead fo time
  • Webinars: Dairy assoc is not going to sponsor this year; but want a panel (including those they know or can review their positions ahead of time) or key speaker session for a future event or at next Annual meeting
6.0 Miscellaneous Items
7.0 Adjourn