In May, 2010 the DC City Council passed the Healthy Schools Act (HSA). The HSA is a monumental piece of legislation that aims to improve the health and wellness of students in the DC public and public charter schools.

The HSA focuses on the following areas:

  • Breakfast/Lunch Access
  • School Nutrition
  • Physical Activity and Education
  • Health Education
  • School Environment
  • Competitive Foods
  • Health and Wellness

For more information about the Healthy Schools Act, visit Healthy Schools Act.
There are many opportunities for Registered Dietitians to become involved in promoting the Healthy Schools Act such as:

  • Getting involved with the wellness committee at a local school
  • Supporting nutrition and gardening related events at local schools
  • Assisting your local school in seeking the next level for the USDA Healthier US School Challenge
  • Encouraging your local school to become a member of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Healthy Schools Program
  • Speaking to members of the DC City Council about how the Healthy Schools Act has had a direct impact on the health of children in DC

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