Our office is located at:
1120 Connecticut Ave, Ste 460
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 571.882.2864


General: info@eatrightdc.org

President: president@eatrightdc.org

President-Elect: president-elect@eatrightdc.org

Secretary: secretary@eatright.org

Treasurer: treasurer@eatrightdc.org

DC House of Delegates Representative: delegate@eatrightdc.org

Public Policy: policy@eatrightdc.org

Potomac Post: potomacpost@eatrightdc.org

Communications: communications@eatrightdc.org

Professional Development: education@eatrightdc.org

Social Media: socialmedia@eatrightdc.org

Nomination Committee: nominating@eatrightdc.org

Community Initiatives: community@eatrightdc.org

Volunteer Coordinator: volunteer@eatrightdc.org

Fund Raising: sponsorship@eatrightdc.org
Consumer Protection Coordinator: DCMANDcpc@eatrightdc.org
State Reimbursement Representative: reimbursement@eatrightdc.org

Website login issues: webmaster@eatrightdc.org

Questions: info@eatrightdc.org

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